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Netzaripedia welcomes you.  This wikipedia for Nazarene/Netzarim Judaism was created with the registration of the domain name inFebruary 17, 2004. The development of the site has lagged due to inavailability of proper software to manage the site. Since early 2007, the site was renewed in earnest. Despite hardships within the Nazarene community and problems with various leaders, the project continues.

It is hoped that various leaders will submit articles that are topically based forthe community of Torah observant believers in Messiah. The source of the articles may be from those who do not believe exactly the same as us on every issue. Articles will be reviewed, and edited as in any wiki environment. Inappropriate content may be removed by the webmasters or their staff when found or we are notified.

Support for this site is by donations.; Please consider supporting this site. The more support this and other sites that we manage get, the more time we can spend developing, writing, researching topics for the community.

Recently banner advertising has been added to the site to help generate more revenue. We apologize for this, but since inception, there have been no donations for support. Should donations improve, we may remove banners for individuals who are site members.

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