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Shalom and welcome to the Netzaripedia.

This online reference resource will endeavor to provide insight to the various aspects of the Netzari Yehudim.

The Netzarim are known by several different terms: Netzarim, Nazarenes, Nazarene Jews, Nazarene Yehudim, etc. 
Despite all the various differences in definition and/or statements of faith among the various groups, they all appear 
to hold two things in common:

They hold to the testimony of Yeshua HaMoshiach and they uphold the keeping, living, and application of Torah.

Various articles on this site will go into the depths of the various presentations from various groups and organizations 
that claim to be Netzari.

In posting articles to the site we ask that opinions based on interpretation of motive towards certain individuals be withheld.

This site is not intended for Lashon HaRa (Evil Speech, ie. gossip), nor for the defense of it.

Please be aware that not all teachers or groups will necessarily hold to your belief. This site and its owners recognize that there are many variations in the interpretation of many texts. In light of that, please do your own research and verify the facts presented in articles here to ensure their voracity. If the facts are wrong, correct them if you can, or make notes in the forums related to the articles.

We encourage you to post articles on all topics dealing with Nazarene Judaism.

'WARNING: Some people have attempted to circumvent the usefulness of this site by submitting the site to various spam advertisers.  Most of the spam appears in the discussion pages. We are investigating and have submitted paperwork to subpeona the IP and ID of members of various discussion groups based on Yahoo that appear to be the originators of the spam.  When we find out who is directing the submission of SPAM to this site, they will be prosecuted under the all available avenues.  In the mean time, we are banning all IPs that originate the spam and are logging them for trace in our investigation.'
We have also added Captcha to the site to reduce/eliminate the bot written spam to the site.

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